Cedar Street counter-flow bike lane

The bike lane on Cedar Street between Wayne Avenue and Bonifant Street has been installed.

It’s probably not the best design possible. (I still feel it would be better on the east side of the street, to not be in the door zone of the parked cars.) But it is a vast improvement over the prior condition, having no counter-flow bike lane, which gave this Street the “honor” of winning the “Stupidest bike lane in America” award.

south on Cedar Street from Wayne Avenue

Entering Cedar Street at Wayne Avenue.

looking south on Cedar Street

Looking south down Cedar Street.

We can probably get away with being in the door zone on this block, because this is a quiet residential parking area where parking activity is minimal. If this were an active commercial zone with constant parking turnover this would be a greater problem.

looking north on Cedar StreetOverall, cyclists should be much safer riding south on this street in the new counter-flow bike lane. The lane lets both cyclists and drivers know what they are expected to do to share the road. Except – cyclists going north on this bike route may not get the message from the one-way directional arrow in the bike lane that this bike lane is only for southbound cyclists. Cyclists riding south should keep an eye out for northbound cyclists in their lane.


2 Responses to “Cedar Street counter-flow bike lane”

  1. Ben Ross says:

    Cool… I like the “do not enter except bikes” sign too. It’s a great precedent – there are a bunch of places in the county that need “no outlet except bikes” signs instead of just “no outlet”. An example (if I remember correctly, haven’t been there in quite a while): Plyers Mill Road at Summit Ave. in Kensington.

  2. Ian Cooper says:

    I’ve cycled on this bike lane a few times when taking my daughter to soccer practice. It’s not as outrageously stupid as it was before they improved it, but I’d still not recommend it to cyclists: it’s wholly in the door zone of parked cars and it doesn’t really lead anywhere important or useful unless you actually live ‘on’ Cedar Street or in the apartment block by Nolte Park.