$25,000 for one parking space?

Metro has announced a new initiative to promote cycling to transit stations, reported at Metro to lure bike-to-rail commuters. Metro wants to avoid the projected need to build 30,000-40,000 new parking spaces costing $25,000 each at Metro stations.

When the Capital Crescent Trail and MetBranch Trails are completed, together they will connect directly to eight Metro stations and five Purple Line stations in the approx. 13 miles from Bethesda to Union Station. No other trail system in the region comes close to integrating so well with transit.

By my math, 30,000 parking spaces at $25,000 each would cost $750,000,000! A small part of that cost for the parking spaces at Metro stations can be much better spent on finishing these trails.

2 Responses to “$25,000 for one parking space?”

  1. Steve Mohr says:

    Cycling is an important part of my commute. Over the years of living in the DC metro area I have regularly used metro trains and occasionally MARC and the bus systems. I advocate for less parking to be provided to allow money for plenty of cycle storage boxes. Cycling is the safe, healthy way to commute. Metro helps!

  2. Steve O says:

    That’s probably right. $25k for a garage parking space is not atypical for urban areas like DC. I suspect a bike parking spot would cost less. :)