At the new transit center.

The economic impact of the Purple Line upon the Takoma/Langley Crossroads was addressed on April 1 by a panel moderated by Councilmember Ervin, and reported by The New Ave at Is Purple the New Green?. Panelist Marsha Kaiser, Parsons Brinkerhoff/Maryland Transit Administration (MTA), presented a powerpoint presentation on recent modeling by MTA. The presentation included several renderings of the CCT between Bethesda and Silver Spring that were similar to those we have already seen in prior MTA workshops and briefings. But one, showing the CCT at the Silver Spring Transit Center, is new:

Source: MTA Benefits of the Purple Line Light Rail Transit (pdf)
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This new sketch is the first rendering I have seen that shows how the completed CCT will pass through the new transit center. The MC DOT webpage Paul S. Sarbanes Silver Spring Transit Center has photos of the center under construction and many renderings of how the completed transit center will look, but the CCT has been missing from these renderings. I’ve posted here at Close, but still waiting about how MTA has been slow to show how the CCT and Purple Line will both fit together in the space available at the Silver Spring Transit Center.

The new rendering illustrates the relative elevations of the CCT and Purple Line over Colesville Road at the north end of the transit center. The Purple Line is shown as on an aerial structure high above the level of the Metro and CSX tracks. The Purple Line must take a high elevation to cross over from the south/west to the north/east side of CSX just north of Colesville Road (out of view to the right side of the drawing). The Purple Line holds this high elevation through the station. The CCT is on a lower aerial structure, at about the same level as the Metro and CSX tracks. You can see (barely) a cyclist at that level in the drawing cutout on the right. (The red arrow is my addition.)

MTA has recently placed revised engineering drawings of the Purple Line on its website at that show the CCT and the Purple Line alignment, including through this area.

While this rendering shows much more than we have seen before, it does not show important details about how the future CCT will work in the transit center. Sketches of the center and south end of the transit center are needed to show how the CCT will cross the pedestrian access ramps to the MARC platforms (and hopefully how the bike/ped traffic conflicts will be managed there), how trail users will access the bus, Metrorail and light rail services, how the CCT will connect with the MetBranch Trail, and where the bike parking will be.

This rendering is a good start at helping us understand how the CCT will pass through the station. There is still much important planning work to do.

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  1. Woodsider says:

    Great to finally see a rendering, even if only in concept form. I think as the PL leaves the transit center going eastbound, it’s going to look pretty cool as it decends and turns 90 degrees to get down to the Bonifant St. elevation.