WABA sets the record straight

The Washington Area Bicyclist Association has posted a major position statement on its blog, at The Purple Line is good for the Trail. The statement affirms WABA’s long held position:

After more than a decade of debate, you might think that questions about the future Purple Line would be put to rest. But as work has continued, budgets have tightened, and cost estimates have been released, some trail opponents are bringing up the same misleading arguments about lack of public input, expense, and harm to the Capital Crescent Trail (CCT).

Throughout this planning process, trail opponents have cloaked their opposition with positive spin, naming the anti-Purple Line advocacy organization “Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail” and circulating a “Save the Trail” petition. This has created a great deal of confusion, and we want to clarify—now that some time has passed—where WABA—as credible, regional cycling advocates who love the trail and have advocated for it from its inception—stand on this project.

So let’s set the record straight: The Purple Line is not going to destroy the trail. While the trail will change, in most ways it will be for the better. The fact is that the Purple Line is the best way— in fact, the only realistic way—to get improvements to the existing segments of the CCT and to extend the trail into downtown Silver Spring.

The position statement goes on to address the issue being raised by so called “Friends of the Trail” that the cost of rebuilding and completing the CCT is too high.

WABA volunteers will be at each end of the CCT this Saturday to promote trail safety. They will be giving out copies of their Spring quarterly newsletter Ride-On, which includes this article. If you are on the CCT this Saturday and see the WABA volunteers, please stop and thank them for their efforts to support the CCT and to set the record straight.

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