Another hazard at Connecticut Ave.

Waiting for the light, then crossing six highway lanes while watching out for motorists making turns is enough nuisance and hazard for one place on the Interim CCT. But now crossing Connecticut Avenue safely has become more difficult for cyclists.

New curb and curb cut on west side of Connecticut Ave.

A new curb cut has been installed at the Interim CCT crossing of Connecticut Ave. The new configuration may be an improvement for pedestrians and especially for those in wheelchairs, since it better separates the sidewalk from the driveway to the Parkway Custom Drycleaning parking lot. But cyclists will find it hard to use the new curb cut because of the hard turn one must make to avoid hitting the new curb that is right behind the curb cut. The alternative, using the ramp into the Parkway Custom Drycleaning driveway a few feet to the south, will put cyclists into direct conflict with any motorists trying to use the driveway.

We need a trail bridge over Connecticut Avenue! Until then, use extra caution in this area.

One Response to “Another hazard at Connecticut Ave.”

  1. Justafed says:

    Yes, that curb cut is very, very awkward for cyclists. One other point is that the redone curbs on the east side of Connecticut are not quite at grade, which makea it slightly difficult to turn back onto the trail. I know that one of these years this whole situation will be fixed, but in the meantime, it is pretty much a complete pain.