Woodside Trail advances

The informal walking trail along the WMATA/CSX corridor behind Woodside had a major growth spurt today, thanks to the efforts of community volunteers. Until today the trail had extended from South Springwood to the Spring Street bridge, but then the trail followed a narrow and steep ramp up to the north side of Spring Street.

Volunteers cutting a trail under the Spring Street Bridge

The trail has now been extended under the bridge to the Silver Spring Post Office. Graffiti on the bridge has been painted over. Bags of trash were collected and hauled off. Volunteers used hand tools to clear brush and to grade and mulch a foot path under the bridge. Now the trail continues under the bridge and comes out between the Post Office and the south side of Spring Street, giving a grade separated trail crossing under Spring Street.

This footpath is mulched and graded to be an easy pathway for most trail users now, but is only about 2 feet wide where it is under the Spring Street bridge. It is likely to be improved in coming months, much like the older trail section north of the bridge has been significantly widened and improved in small increments by volunteer work over the last year.

The off-road trail now continues under Spring Street.

Volunteer energy to create this foot path (at least my own) comes from the frustration of still waiting for the Capital Crescent Trail in Woodside after all of these years. A local walking path may be the best we can achieve for now, until the Purple Line clears the way for the regional CCT by getting crucial right-of-way at 16th Street and Colesville Road for grade separated trail crossings of those busy highways. When completed, the CCT will be a full width, paved, ADA compliant multi-use trail along this alignment.

This community volunteer day was organized by Woodside Civic Association President Webb Smedley. There may be another volunteer day next month to begin work to clear the final trail extension to Fenwick Lane.


2 Responses to “Woodside Trail advances”

  1. Jane says:

    My wife and I accidentally stumbled upon the Woodside trail this evening while walking around, getting to know our new neighborhood of DTSS. We didn’t know what the trail was, or what it meant in terms of trying to demonstrate the potential of non-car routes to the transit hub. But we knew the trail must be volunteer-created, and we were thrilled to imagine our new neighbors shouldering shovels & chainsaws to make a trail out of rail-side bramble.

    Let me know the next time there’s another Woodside trail volunteer day!

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