We’re #1! We’re #1!

Eric Gilliland, of WABA, has sent an email alert:

“The winner for the stupidest bike lane in America goes to Silver Spring MD! We’re # 1! We’re #1!”


I know I should not say “I told you so!” But I saw the potential for this bike lane to be recognized as world class when it was built, and featured The Cedar Street Wrong Way Bikeway in my Silver Spring Trails website until last year. It is good to see this bike lane finally get the recognition it deserves.

This may appear to be off topic for this Finish the Trail blog. But the same people who designed this Cedar Street bike lane, Montgomery County DPWT, will be responsible for the design to finish the CCT into Silver Spring. Keep that in mind when they assure us “trust us – we know what we are doing!”


One Response to “We’re #1! We’re #1!”

  1. b says:

    The sign says Ex Bikes (except bikes). In Germany it is legal to bike the wrong way on small 1-way streets as long as you stick to the right and are clearly visible to oncomming traffic. I would rather see what’s comming than to trust what’s behind me in this area. I take this route because it’s better than trusting the traffic on Fenton.