Close enough to help.

trail sign at GBT trailheadThis sign announces the start of the Georgetown Branch Trail in downtown Silver Spring. It also declares this to be the location of the Future Capital Crescent Trail.

The sign gets the spelling of the “FUTURE CAPITOL CRESENT TRAIL” wrong. Twice. But we’re getting used to that – signs with this misspelling are seen at several other places along the trail, including near Rock Creek Park.

But in addition to being misspelled, this sign also has the location of the Future Capital Crescent Trail wrong.

GBT trailhead at Second Avenue
The sign is at the trailhead to the Georgetown Branch on-road trail on Second Avenue at the north side of Colesville Road, shown above. But the Future Capital Crescent Trail will not be on or along any part of Second Avenue.

CCT trailhead at CSX/Metro bridge
The Future Capital Crescent Trail will follow alongside the CSX corridor into downtown Silver Spring on the route described here. It will cross Colesville Road between the CSX railroad tracks and the Metro Plaza Building, one block west of Second Avenue. It will be on a new trail bridge on an alignment alongside the CSX/Metro tracks into the Paul Sarbanes Transit Center, seen under construction above.

I like this sign in spite of its inaccuracies. It serves to call two facts to the attention to those who pass by:
1) the Georgetown Branch Trail is no more than a signed on-road route up a busy street in Silver Spring, and
2) Silver Spring is still waiting for the Capital Crescent Trail after all of these years.

2 Responses to “Close enough to help.”

  1. HermanNewticks says:

    I’m wondering about this misspelling…How did the trail get to be named the “capital crescent trail”? Clearly, ‘crescent’ ought to have a second ‘c’ in it. But what about capitol/capital? The preferred spelling seems to be ‘capital’, see
    Spelled with an ‘a’, ‘capital’ means money, or the opposite of lowercase, or a number of other things, none of which has much to do with the nation’s capitol. What gives?

  2. HermanNewticks says:

    Um, nevermind. Leave it to a philosopher to forget that ‘capitol’ is only the building and immediate surrounding area.