Three MetBranch Trail opening dates

The new section of the MetBranch Trail between Franklin Street and the New York Avenue Metro Station will be open for public use on Saturday, May 1.

Jim Sebastion, D.C. DOT, has issued this announcement of an official ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, May 3:

Please join us for a ribbon-cutting to open a big chunk of the Metropolitan Branch Trail!

When: Monday, May 3, at 10:45am

Where: 4th and S Streets, NE, about 5 blocks up the trail from the New York Avenue Metro Station.

This has been a long time coming, and many of you have helped us get here. Hope to see you there.

MetBranch Trail at S and 4th

MetBranch Trail at 4th and S Street N.E.

Check out the website for information about the trail.

On National Trails Day Saturday, June 5 there will be bike rides to a “Grand Opening” celebration on the MetBranch Trail. Trail fans will be converging on the new section of the MetBranch Trail in the area of the Rhode Island Avenue Metro Station. WABA and Rails-to-Trails will be sponsoring rides to the event. I will be leading one of these rides from Silver Spring – leaving from the historic Silver Spring Train Station at 10:10 a.m. and following the Interim MetBranch route through Takoma Park. Save the date and watch this blog for more information as June 5 draws near.


2 Responses to “Three MetBranch Trail opening dates”

  1. IMGoph says:

    just rode the new stretch. it’s very nice—obviously still has some landscape issues to be finished, but overall it’s done.

    all of the lamp posts have been tagged, though, and benches too. that’s going to be a problem, i’m sure. whoever the kid is who does the “che” tag needs to be caught and strung up by his spraying finger.

    also ran into people walking dogs off leash. the dogs ran towards me, and i asked the people to please keep them on-leash. that garnered a less-than-nice response from them.

  2. Huevos says:

    The new portion of the MBT is a welcome improvement to my commute from Silver Spring. The asphalt was fast and smooth. The kid(s) that are tagging the path should be caught; but given the walls as a canvas. Opening the walls to art projects for neighborhood schools would not only add character and foster creativity, but would also enhance the surrounding neighborhoods and University.

    The commute was safe, fast, and easy to navigate, way to go D.C. DOT and WABA!