Talbot Ave. Bridge repairs

The Talbot Avenue Bridge has remained closed to motor vehicle traffic since May 28. It has remained open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Montgomery County DOT found damaged boards in the bridge deck during a May 28 inspection, and immediately closed the bridge to motor vehicle traffic for emergency repairs. At first the repair was expected to require several weeks. But MC DOT found that the repair would require timbers of an unusual size, and the timbers would need to be ordered. MC DOT announced in a June 23 press release that the repair work would require about two weeks after the timbers have been received, and all work should be completed by September.

September is barely two weeks away and there is still no sign that MC DOT has the timbers needed to begin the repair work. I am happy to wait longer – it is nice to be able to cycle across the bridge without having to take turns with motor vehicles. But the closure to motor vehicles is a serious inconvenience to residents who need the bridge for local access.

Update: “Joe of Rosemary Hills” has an email from MC DOT that says NOVEMBER – see his comment below.


One Response to “Talbot Ave. Bridge repairs”

  1. Joe in Rosemary Hills says:

    I emailed the county and here is their (sad face) response: November.

    Thank you for your follow up email concerning the status of the Talbot Avenue Bridge repair work.

    Originally, the bridge repair work was scheduled to be completed in August. We are required to obtain a permit from CSX in order to work over the active railroad tracks. Due to the CSX permit requirements and working with another agency, this has caused a delay in the schedule.

    While we will make every effort to obtain the permit sooner, we expect to receive the permit by November and complete the bridge repairs by the end of November 2008.


    Bruce E. Johnston, P.E., Chief
    Division of Transportation Engineering