Bethesda tunnel, revisited

I recently reported on the plans for the Purple Line and Trail through the west end of the Bethesda tunnel, at Bethesda tunnel, west. Since then the Montgomery County planners at M-NCPPC have released a transitway planning update that includes several conceptual drawings of the tunnel west end.

A conceptual drawing of the Bethesda Purple Line platforms.
(the future CCT deck is shown overhead, at the upper right)
Source: Transitway Planning Update of 10/14/10 (pdf)

This plan for the CCT on the tunnel overhead is far from the narrow, enclosed, tomb-like plan that “Save the Trail” has been presenting to keep-fear-alive for their petitioning effort – at Tunnel Vision.

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4 Responses to “Bethesda tunnel, revisited”

  1. MichaelDrayne says:

    I like this design. With the limited space available I think they’ve done a good job incorporating the trail. No proposal is going to be ideal since passing through a tunnel is, by its very nature, less than ideal. I run through the tunnel several days a week and I can say that this plan is an improvement over the present situation.

  2. Woodsider says:

    Very nice indeed. BTW, the link to the PDF on the moco website doesn’t work.

  3. admin says:

    @ Woodsider:

    Thanks – I’ve corrected the link to the Mont. Co. website.

  4. Lovely! I enjoy running through the current tunnel, and this looks even nicer — kudos to the designers!